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We invite you, your friends, extended family and other interested persons to visit our North Hennepin Squadron meetings at Crystal Airport.  Our cadets (youth members) meet from 6:30-8:30 on Tuesday evenings.  Meetings start promptly, so please arrive early.
Youth will need to visit our squadron a minimum of three times before submitting an application for CAP Cadet Membership.  A parent will need to attend at least one meeting as well.  This gives us time to get to know each other.  There are no fees to visit and you may visit more than three times.  As a prospective cadet, your primary contacts for questions and training will be the Tango flight leaders.  They will integrate you into the Tango flight on your first visit.  Youth must be ages 12-18 to apply.

Here are a few suggestions for your visit:

  • Wear jeans and a plain T-shirt (or any clothes appropriate for outdoor activities).

  • Bring a water bottle, pencil, and notepad.

  • We meet both inside and outside.  Please bring a warm coat, footwear, hat, and gloves as appropriate based on the weather forecast.

  • To reduce the spread of COVID-19:

    • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of being sick.

    • We will take your your temperature taken upon arrival.

    • You are required to wear a face mask.  Please wear masks that do not have anything inappropriate on them. 


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