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Air Crew Tools

Flight Service (

  • US Government resource for pilots

  • Create a free account which will allow you to access all of the info you need for a flight

  • Weather:

    • Prog Charts - Prognostic charts for a regional perspective

    • METAR current weather at an airport

    • TAF - Terminal Area Forecasts for weather forecasts at an airport

  • Airports: Both of these show what you need to operate at an airport and the runway information.  Recommended to print and take on flight.

    • Chart Supplement

    • Airport Diagram

  • Trip Function: Allow you to plan a flight from one airport to another (ie: KMIC to KBRD) and it will provide information you need for the route, such as weather, forecast, winds aloft, etc.  It will also show any Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) in the area.


  • Will allow you to review and/or print the same maps as the Sectional Chart and Terminal Area Chart for reference on the flight.

Aviation Weather Center

  • Great source for Prog Charts, METARS, and TAF weather info.  You can also review weather radar and satellite visuals. 


  • As part of the Air Force Total Force Program, the Civil Air Patrol has been included in the Air Force purchase of the ForeFlight Military Flight Bag Performance application.  All Civil Air Patrol pilots with a VFR rating or higher and cadets participating in approved Civil Air Patrol flight training programs are eligible to benefit from this free program. See here for more details.

SkyVector Aeronautical Charts

AeroWeather: free app

FlightAware: And for those on the ground, use this app to track a flight. Be sure to get the aircraft number before it leaves the hanger.

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