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Cadet Uniforms

We have some uniforms in our Logistic Room at the Squadron. You are welcome to find your size and borrow these. The cadet in charge of the uniforms will be able to assist you in retrieving what you need. Some items must be purchased online. You can purchase the items from Vanguard Military Clothing as well (see shopping list below). If you have questions about what uniform items you need, reach out to your Flight Commander and Flight Sergeant.  (Most links on this page will open new browser windows outside the CAP.GOV domain.)

  • Airman Battle Uniform (ABU's): This is our working uniform.  Previously Civil Air Patrol wore BDU's which is a slightly different pattern/color and are being phased out on June 15, 2001.

  • Physical Training (PT) Clothes: Athletic shorts (black), t-shirt (tan), white socks

  • Blues: This is our dress or service uniform.  Please wait to order these until you have completed your first promotion.  You will receive $100 credit for Vanguard Military Clothing that must be used within 45 days. Another great reason to work hard and earn your first promotion!

  • Custom Order Items: If you able to borrow a uniform, you will need these custom order items from Vanguard Military Clothing.  Because shipping is expensive for orders under $50, we recommend you order these at the same time even though the second one is not needed until you get your Blues uniform.

  • ABUs:

    • MN Wing and Squadron Patch: You will purchase two patches directly from the squadron. One is required on your ABU and one is optional. They are $3 each, please bring cash to purchase the patches. $6 if you wish to purchase both patches. 

    • Combat Boots: Will be worn with the ABU, or the flight duty uniform. Black, with or without safety toe, plain rounded toe or rounded capped toe with or without perforated seam. Zipper or elastic inserts optional, mesh inserts (for “jungle boot” style) are optional; smooth or scotch-grained leather or man-made material, and may have a high gloss or patent finish. The black combat boot can be worn (optional) with the service dress and service uniforms when not wearing a skirt, maternity service dress and/or maternity jumper. Laces will either be tied and tucked in the boot or tied and wrapped around the boot. No bowtie or bootlaces will be visible. Any logos will be the same color as the boot.

There is a limited selection of boots and shoes at squadron for your cadet to use, providing they fit of course.

Proper-fitting footwear is of the utmost importance!  If purchasing footwear is required, here are some websites that have relatively low prices. If you have questions regarding the acceptability of foot wear you are about to purchase, please ask at the squadron.

Optional/Gift Ideas:

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