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New Cadet Info

Once you have registered, here are the next steps for Cadets. (Note: Most links on this page will open new browser windows outside the CAP.GOV domain.)

  • eServices Account: Log into Civil Air Patrol eServices and select "Click Here to Register" under "First Time Users" (if you haven't set up an account already). Once you log in, you will have access to the next two bullet points.

  • Squadron Emails: Log into Civil Air Patrol eServices and select the hyperlink to the right of "Cadets in your Unit" or "Seniors in your Unit."  You will get a list of names. If you click on the box at the left of each name, you can email and the person's email will be in red at the top of the screen. You can copy and paste that email address into your email system (this is how you can find the contact info for you flight staff).

  • Profile Photo: To add your photo to your eService Profile you will need to upload a headshot photo that has a white background. If you need help with this step, please see the Admin/Personnel Officer at the squadron and we can do this onsite. Otherwise you can take one on your own, and upload it. 

  • eMail Announcements: Go to the MN Wing website and click on "Members", "Mailing Lists", and then "Subscribe." Make sure the boxes for "North Hennepin Squadron" and "Announcements" are both checked. Add your email and name on bottom and submit. Parents may also sign up for emails. Parents: If you would like to receive the updates for our squadron please be sure to take a few minutes to sign up using the above instructions.

  • Facebook Page: Follow our Squadron Facebook page for updates on events and activities going on at our Squadron. Parents: This will be a great resource for you to be in on “what is happening.” Please like, share and make encouraging comments.  We have a linked Instagram page as well!

  • Squadron Calendar: Changes to the schedule will be sent by email from your Flight staff and updated on the Squadron Calendar.  The calendar will show both cadet and senior (adult) activities.  You can subscribe to just the Cadet calendar if you like.  

  • Cadet Program and Promotions: The Cadet Super Chart is a great visual overview of the program.  The Cadet Personal Tracker is printer friendly resource for your cadet to track their promotions.

  • Training & Learning: Log into Civil Air Patrol eServices. In the left column click on "Online Learning". Underneath that should be "Cadet Online Testing". This is where you can find the online tests for your cadet promotions.

  • Google is your friend: Use Google to find Civil Air Patrol related regulations and publications. Example: “Cap Uniform” will bring you to CAPR 39-1. Civil Air Patrol Regulation 39-1: Explains all the expectations for wearing each uniform, your training is key to learning what is expected at Civil Air Patrol. When in doubt, ask your flight leaders. They are here to help you!

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