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Orientation Flights

Orientation flights give cadets an introduction to flying, how the aircraft functions, and provide a unique opportunity unknown to most. Every Civil Air Patrol cadet under age 18 is eligible for five flights in a powered aircraft (usually a single-engine Cessna), five flights in a glider aircraft, and an unlimited number of backseat flights when conditions allow.  These orientation flights are always free to cadets.  For more information on the flight process, see Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide.

Glider Orientation Flights:

Glider flights are offered at the Stanton airfield near Cannon Falls, MN.  We plan a squadron event annually for glider flights.  They will be scheduled on a Monday-Friday during the day.  Look for information at the Squadron on this in spring!

Powered Orientation Flights:

For powered orientation flights, Cadets work with a licensed Civil Air Patrol pilot to perform preflight, startup, taxi, takeoff, cruise, and landing operations. Once in flight, cadets will be flying the plane under the pilot’s supervision (the pilots will perform takeoffs and landings, and the flights are scripted to introduce cadets to different aspects of real-world flying).  "Request an O Flight" so we know you're interested. 

Please be patient while we work through the backlog of requests created over the multiple shut-downs.  We cannot do Orientation Flights in the dark, so we are limited during the winter in Minnesota.  The pilots must also monitor visibility, wind and other weather conditions so it is common to have to re-schedule flights multiple times.

To participate in Orientation Flights as a Civil Air Patrol Cadet, you must:

  • Be a Civil Air Patrol Cadet under age 18

  • Have a current CAP cadet membership

  • Have had less than five front seat orientation flights

We also take requests for powered Orientation Flights from ROTC cadets and educators for the Teachers Orientation Program.

Bring the following for a powered orientation flight:

  1. ID Card for program (Civil Air Patrol ID, ROTC ID, Teachers ID)

  2. CAPF 60-80 - Parental Permission Form signed by parent and/or guardian

  3. Full utility uniform including cover, blouse, belt, boots, etc. 

  4. Cloth face mask to be worn in flight

  5. Latex or nitrile gloves, 3 sets -- I believe Lt Col Dew may have provisioned some at the hangar but likely better if you bring your own 

  6. Sunglasses

  7. Small bottle of water

  8. Light snack

  9. Camera, phone, etc. 

  10. Inquisitive attitude

COVID-19 Precautions:

  1. We will comply with Minnesota Wing Phase 2 COVID-19 precautions and directions

  2. We will sanitize the aircraft prior to and after the flight

  3. Masks will be worn for the entire time at the hangar and in flight

  4. Latex or nitrile gloves will be worn in the aircraft

  5. Hand sanitizer will be used prior to and after the flight

Parents: View Your Cadet's Flight in the Air!

  • FlightAware: Use this app to track the flight. Be sure to get the aircraft number before it leaves the hanger.

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) – Young Eagles Program:

Once your cadet completes their first Orientation Flight, they will be able to request the Sporty’s online ground school for free ($250 value) through the EAA Young Eagles program. Once your cadet completes the Sporty’s online ground school, they will be eligible for a $130 voucher for flight lessons from the EAA. Once they pass the FAA Knowledge Test, the EAA will reimburse them $160 for the cost of taking the test.  To get started, see the information on ground school on the Learn to Fly page for more details!

Request a Powered Orientation Flight

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